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Unlocking Success The Power of Rewarded Ads in App Monetization

Understanding Rewarded Ads

In the dynamic world of mobile app monetization, the use of ads has become a cornerstone for developers seeking financial success. Among the diverse array of ad formats, rewarded ads, also known as incentivized ads, stand out as a game-changer for app owners, advertisers, and users alike. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the realm of rewarded ads, exploring what they are, their benefits, and strategies to seamlessly incorporate them into the app experience.

Unlocking Success The Power of Rewarded Ads in App Monetization

What Are Rewarded Ads?

Rewarded ads represent a unique in-app advertising approach, offering users the autonomy to decide when and how they engage with advertisements. Unlike intrusive ad formats, users willingly choose to view rewarded ads in exchange for valuable in-app items, often in the form of currency or digital rewards.

The Mobile Rewarded Ad Funnel: A Four-Step Journey

  • Ad Prompt: Users are presented with an enticing reward, sparking interest.
  • Preference: Users opt-in to watch the advertisement voluntarily.
  • Ad Reward: Upon completing the ad, users receive their promised reward.
  • Item Used: Users implement the reward, enhancing their app experience.
  • Integrating Rewarded Ads Effectively
  • Freemium Model and Rewarded Ads

Rewarded ads synergize seamlessly with the freemium revenue model, providing users with a complimentary route to premium app features. For instance, in gaming apps, users unlock items and in-app currency by voluntarily engaging with rewarded ads, fostering a win-win scenario.

Offerwalls vs. Rewarded Video Ads

  • Offerwalls: Curated lists of ads, allowing users to choose based on the reward offered. Often found in in-app shops.
  • Rewarded Video Ads: Short videos users can watch to earn in-app rewards. Integrated contextually, they prompt users strategically during critical app moments.

Types of Rewards and Their Impact

Diverse Rewards for User Gratification

Rewarded ads offer a spectrum of incentives:

  • In-app Currency: Gems or coins enhance the user's in-app wealth.
  • Premium Content: Exclusive access to app features or content.
  • Account Upgrades: Free subscriptions or enhanced account privileges.
  • Non-consumable Items: Unique virtual assets, such as character skins or stickers.
  • Strategic Considerations for Reward Value

To maintain the allure of rewarded ads, the value of rewards should strike a balance, providing tangible benefits without undermining the app's profitability. Careful consideration of user actions and reward worth is essential for optimal results.

Unveiling the Benefits: A Tripartite Win

User-Centric Advantages

Engagement Sans Irritation

Users embrace rewarded ads for their non-intrusive nature, offering a pathway to premium app features without monetary expenditure. Opt-in functionality ensures a positive user experience, distinguishing them from traditional, interruptive ad types.

Empowering User choice

Rewarded ads empower users by allowing them to choose when and which ads to view. This freedom enhances user satisfaction, creating a symbiotic relationship between user engagement and ad consumption.

App Owner's Perspective

Boosting User Session Duration and Retention

Rewarded ads emerge as champions in extending user session duration and overall app retention. The intrinsic value of the rewards, coupled with strategic ad placement, keeps users consistently engaged.

  • Optimized Revenue Generation

Compared to other ad types, rewarded ads lead the revenue race, boasting higher effective cost per mile (CPM). In 2021, global eCPM rates for rewarded videos on iOS and Android ranged from $1.96 to $14.5 and $1.59 to $11.45, respectively.

Advertiser's Delight

Enhanced Engagement and ROAS

Advertisers revel in the increased engagement rewarded ads bring. Users opting in willingly translates to higher completion rates, fostering brand awareness, recognition, and increased return on ad spend (ROAS).

Strategic Integration for Long-Term Growth

Combining rewarded ads with other ad types requires a strategic approach. Balancing ad frequency and placement ensures sustained engagement, maximizing the app's overall revenue potential.

Maximizing Rewarded Ad Impact

Strategic Implementation Tips

1. Choose the Right Placement

  • Align ads with the user flow to avoid disruption.
  • Consider offerwalls or home screen placement for seamless integration.

2. Select the Right Ad Type

  • Tailor ad types to the desired user experience.
  • Experiment with plain video ads and interactive playable ads for optimal results.

3. Experiment and A/B Test

  • Test different rewards, ads, and placements.
  • Surprise rewards add an element of excitement and sustain user interest.

4. Drive Results with AppSamurai

  • Leverage mobile growth platforms like AppSamurai for performance tracking and user connection.
  • Ensure long-term app engagement and profitability.

In conclusion, rewarded ads emerge as a dynamic force in the app monetization landscape, creating a synergy between user gratification, app owner success, and advertiser objectives. By tactically implementing rewarded ads and adhering to best practices, apps can unlock sustained success and profitability. Step into the realm of rewarded ads and witness the transformation of your app into a thriving business.


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